'Tis the Season 

"What?!" you ask.  "Christmas is o-v-e-r!"

Well, yes and no.  Technically tonight (Jan 5) is Twelfth Night, the night before Epiphany, and the last night of the traditional Christmas season.  So, for my book-of-the-day, I thought I'd share the first book I ever read by one of newest favorite authors, Lorna Landvik.

I'm not completely sure when I read the book - likely soon after Christmas last year, when I remember feeling like I hadn't had the chance to read enough holiday books, which I love.  I also don't have a lot of time to read - I'm a writer, and I do a lot of client and project work, and I was very busy last year - so I did a search of Christmas-themed romance and women's fiction audiobooks, and this one came up.

Lorna Landvik is a joy to read.  For some reason the reviews for this book weren't quite as stellar as those for most of Landvik's books, but I thought it was charming and redemptive with a lovely holiday message.  A short, sweet read.

And if you haven't met a Lorna Landvik book yet, you're in for a wonderful treat, one that will last far into the New Year!

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