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While I always love a good book, I am especially gratified when I have the opportunity to meet authors, either online or in person, and they turn out to be really, really nice people.

Now, I'm kind of biased, but I happen to think that, in general, romance authors tend to be the nicest "author people" out there.  I am lucky to know many romance authors personally, and to have met even more of them on the interwebs.


I've already told you how much I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips, personally and as a writer.  Now I'd like to tell you how much I love Eloisa James.

Before I met EJ online, I knew her by reputation.  Like SEP, she is considered one of the smartest, coolest romance authors out there, and she heightens the legitimacy of romance simply by being an academic in her non-author life.  She is also one of the most generous authors I've ever met - and that's saying a lot, since I've already mentioned how nice romance authors are as a group.

Eloisa was instrumental in getting my (real life) friend Nina Rowan published.  (Nina's book A Study in Seduction came out this past fall.)  She's also done a number of unasked for favors for me as a writer that have opened some amazing doors.  No one could be more helpful or gracious.

But she's also a wonderful romance writer! Two of my favorite books last year were Eloisa James' The Ugly Duchess and The Lady Most Willing, a novel in three parts by Eloisa, Julia Quinn and Connie Brockway.  (I don't know Julia Quinn - though she's a fantastic writer, of course - but Connie Brockway is another online friend I consider myself blessed to know.)

Eloisa and Connie are so wonderfully generous that they've offered to let me launch my new Fresh Fiction Friday giveaway - a book I've read that's come out recently or will come out soon) with three copies of their book The Lady Most Likely!  YAY!

To enter, simply leave a comment below or send me an email.  Comments must be received by 1 pm, Sun. Jan 13 EST.

The Lady Most Likely is a charming, romantic read that sees four women abducted by a crazy highlander and stranded in an ancient Scottish castle during a snowstorm.  Fun, warm, witty and sigh-worthy.

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