The Autumn Bride

This book was such a charmer!  Governess Abigail Chantry saves her abducted sister and another young woman from a brothel, taking the maid who delivered the distress call with them.  Having nowhere else to go, she takes the girls back to her employers' home, which causes her to lose her job (nice folks, those).

autumn bride

With her limited funds, Abigail rents a tiny room in a bad neighborhood, but their hopes in a better future dwindle when none of the women can find decent work.  Desperate, Abby breaks into the quiet mansion next door through the third floor window, looking for some small something that will buy them some food and a little time.  Instead she finds an aging, sick baroness whose staff is neglecting her while taking advantage of her home and money.

Abigail takes charge, saving Lady Bea from the despicable domestics, and she, her sister and friends - calling themselves The Chance Sisters - begin to nurse the older woman back to health, giving her a new energy and desire to live.

Meanwhile, Lady Bea's nephew, Max, who left years ago to restore the family's fortunes, has heard from a friend of Lady Bea's that something untoward is happening in her household.  Returning to London soon after the girls have moved in, he mistakes Abby and the girls for the people who mistreated Lady Bea.

It's not long before Max realizes the truth of it, and loses his heart to the amazing woman who saved his aunt and takes care of all the people around her, transforming her own little corner of the world through gentle determination and a loving nature.  Too bad he's promised to another, because the sparks between Max and Abigail are like nothing he's ever known -- and he's been around the block (and the world) a few times.

This charming, adorable book is simply wonderful, and Abigail is a terrific heroine.  Generally sweet and amiable, but pushing when she needs to push, fighting when she needs to fight, yet always maintaining a loving nature, a cheerful, pragmatic joie de vivre, and a strong moral compass, Abby somehow makes miracles happen for her and the people she loves just when they need them the most.

Read this lovely book - you'll be glad you did.

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