Dream Eyes

If you're a romance fan, it's hard not to know Jayne Ann Krentz.  Whether she's writing as Amanda Quick, Jayne Castle, or JAK, you're guaranteed a book with a great plot and authentic characters that'll keep you guessing.  And no matter what else is happening, you know that while those characters are chasing clues and dodging disaster, they'll also be falling in love in sigh-worthy ways.


There aren't many authors with as many books as JAK. The fact that they're all  consistently well-written, uniquely engaging and fresh  is a huge bonus.  And those heroes! {yum}

Just by chance, I had finished Crystal Gardens (Amanda Quick) right before Dream Eyes landed in my TPR pile, so it was particularly interesting to see the psi-crystal connection between these two books and time periods.

The mystery in Dream Eyes is intriguing, but the added tension of the psychic stress, power and attraction Judson and Gwen share give the storyline additional texture and depth.  The sexual tension between Judson and Gwen is as potent as an electrical fire, and with so much going on in the book, in less deft hands, something would be sure to get dropped, tangled or mishandled, but JAK glides through the complicated plot with her typical ease and skill, pulling it all together in ways that leave the reader feeling distinctly satisfied, yet left with the bittersweet emotion one gets when they've finished a really good book.

(So it's a good thing she wrote the last chapter as a great intro to the next one!)

The mystery is intriguing without being graphic, the suspense part keeps you on the edge of your chair without making your hair stand on end, and Judson is completely believable with both a gun in his hand and the psi ability to read a murder scene. Gwen as his soul mate -- down to her possessing the exact skills that will help him heal from a recent tragedy if he can only bring himself to trust her with his psyche (umm, internal and external conflict perfection?) -- is brilliant in its combined simplicity and complexity.

Add in a serial killer, a suspicious sheriff, crystals exploding, ghosts visiting (in a unique way, of course) and cameras and mirrors creating smoke and mirrors - and you have a winning concoction of action, adventure, suspense, paranormal elements and romance.



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