Crazy Thing Called Love

When I picked up this book, I recognized the name 'Molly O'Keefe,' but I couldn't remember what book or story I had read in the past.  I will never forget again. 

Crazy Thing Called Love reminded me of Susan Elizabeth Phillips' writing and story lines (similar to the Chicago Stars) which is high praise from me indeed, since if you know me personally or follow me here at all, you'll perhaps know that SEP is one of my two all-time favorite writers.* 


Maddy loved her husband when he was a rising hockey star and they were both too young to know how to navigate even the normal strains of marriage, much less the kinds of stress a professional athlete's schedule and lifestyle can add.  But one too many misunderstandings and subsequent prideful posturings is simply too much for her to bear.

Leaving him, Maddy follows her own dreams, working hard to earn a degree and land a job in the newscasting world.  It's been fourteen years since she put Billy Wilkins behind her, and now she's Madelyn Cornish, a popular morning news show host in Dallas.  Billy's in Dallas, too, in the last throes of his career.  When her production team sets up a celebrity makeover for the sexy bad boy hockey player -- behind her back -- she's furious, but can't get out of it without giving away the secret that she was once married to him.

Working with the only man she's ever loved leaves Maddy feeling off-balance and out of sorts.  Billy can't believe that the icy anchor is the same woman who was once his wife, and he's determined to melt that cool exterior with the explosive sexual chemistry that's as hot as ever between them.  Meanwhile, the production team is digging into Billy's life, and they'll uncover some secrets that change everything and force Maddy and Billy to revisit their hopes, dreams and definitions of success.

There were so many things I loved about this book. I know a lot of people don't like flashbacks, but MO transitions from the past to the present a number of times, unfolding the story of their childhood, relationship and marriage in a way that was really powerful and elegantly done, at least for me.

It also informs the characters in ways that make us forgive Maddy and Billy for being almost unlikable at times in the beginning of the book, and shows a really touching arc of change, acceptance and forgiveness over the course of their story.

Oh, and that sexual chemistry I mention?  Yeah. This couple sizzles.  Billy loves it, and Maddy hates it.  Makes for even greater sexual tension.

Molly O'Keefe's Crazy Thing Called Love is a winner, and if you haven't discovered her yet, this will be a great introduction.

Molly O'Keefe has generously donated five copies of the book to give away.  Leave a comment on this post by Noon, Sun Feb 24th (EST) to win one.  Sometimes I get notified of comments, and sometimes I don't, so either "like" my facebook page so I can contact you easily if you win, or be sure to check back on this post on Monday, Feb 25th to see if you've won (or both!).

Thank you!

You can read about my love for SEP here, if you're interested.  And I do hope to get back to my 'Book-A-Day' plan soon.  There's a lot going on these days,** but the response to these posts has been very positive, and I hope you'll spread the word about ReadWriteLove.

** I do usually try to respond to comments individually.  As you likely know, life is what happens when you're making other plans, and when I was in the process of putting this week-long giveaway together, my beloved great uncle - my last living blood relative of my parents' generation and my mother's godfather - died.  So I've been on the road with my mother, driving to the funeral, visiting with family, and saying good-bye to a great man with all the many people who loved him.  I've managed to get the posts up, but haven't been able to follow up as I usually do.  I hope you'll forgive me, and I'd like to say to all of you, thank you for your replies, and for the many lovely compliments you've posted here regarding the reviews.

I love the romance genre, and I look forward to sharing books and thoughts about romance with all of you.  Thank you for the wonderful support and enthusiasm. 

Bobbi xoxo

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