Ain't She Sweet?

So I am very blessed to have three writing partners who are also close friends, and they are all excellent writers.  They're also wonderful readers.  It is very rare that any of them recommend a book that I don't enjoy.

Rachel and I have been working together the longest, and she and I have probably exchanged the most books. Soon after we first met, she told me I MUST read Susan Elizabeth Phillips, her favorite author.

"Umm…she writes the football books, right? Yeah, not interested."

"No, really.  I'm not into sports.  I don't like football.  Read them anyway!"

"Umm.  Okay.  Maybe." (Do you detect a slight continued lack of conviction here?)

ain't she sweet

Not long after - and I really wish I remember the circumstances, but I don't; maybe Rachel lent it to me? - I came across Ain't She Sweet? and read it as fast as I'd ever read any book.  

And then proceeded to read almost every SEP book I could get my hands on.

I've never had a favorite writer before.  Now I have two. (I'll write about the other one tomorrow.)  I love SEP.  I love the Chicago Stars books.  I love the stand-alones, and the golf books, and the Texas books (actually most of those ones overlap…).  Even the books that aren't her absolute best are still head and shoulders above almost anything out there.

Ain't She Sweet? is not the first SEP book I ever read.  The first one was Honey Moon - though I didn't realize it, since I read it when it first came out and I didn't really pay attention to authors way back then, though a certain scene stayed with me through the years until I rediscovered it.  (Though that's another book and another story for another day.)

Unfortunately, SEP only writes a book every two years.  I'd want to crack the whip and make her write faster, but then she probably wouldn't be at her best and write books that make us laugh and cry and feel like she's one of the best writers on the planet.

And we certainly wouldn't want that! {sigh}

Ain't She Sweet is a great book, but I picked it for my Book-A-Day to sort of represent Susan Elizabeth Phillips books in general.  If you've read them, chances are you're already a fan.  If you haven't read them…well, get right on that.  You'll be glad you did.

(By the way, a highlight of my writing life so far was doing an interview with SEP for Kirkus last summer.  You can read it here. She's just as wonderful as everyone says she is.)

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