A Few Good Books  - Honoring Memorial Day

One of the blessings and curses of being a working freelance writer is that so much of one's time is spent on other people's projects.  I usually read 10-15 books a month for Kirkus, have projects pop up unexpectedly from clients, and still try to keep in mind a gazillion article ideas I want to pitch.

sentimental journey

Some get pitched. Some get published.

Like today's article on the NPR book blog, that honors Memorial Day and the men and women -- including my grandparents --who fought on the battlefield and on the homefront during WWII through some great novels.  

You can read it here.

And while I might be embarrassed that I haven't had much to say at my blog recently, I also know that I'm launching an exciting event in late summer that will explain exactly how well my time has been otherwise spent.

I can't wait to share, and it won't be much longer until I can.

Until then, happy reading - and keep the romance alive.

~ Bobbi

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