Read - Write - Love ~ connect...

This blog may be about many things, but I do hope it will mainly be about making connections, here in these pages and out in the world.  

May I encourage you to:

    ~ write a letter,

        ~ use a fountain pen,

            ~ pick up a good book,

                 ~ connect with a long-lost friend?

Today, do something that makes you happy.  

In 2013, I will be sharing a book a day that has touched my life in some way.  Many of them are romance novels, because I truly believe that  romance novels are a fun, uplifting refuge from the  hectic, crazy modern life we are sometimes confronted with.  Slow down. Enjoy. Smell the roses.  Hug your child (or any other child you know and love).  These things are simple, but they make a difference.

Have a lovely day!


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